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Jadeite Jade Stones come with many colors

The colors of jadeite include white and black plus almost everything in between. We have various versions of jadeite for sale here are rough jade stones jewelry and sculptures including Buddha statues.

Raw / Rough Natural jadeite Jade for sale started in the eighteenth century.  It seems the volume imports into China’s Yunnan province started at that time.

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Raw Natural Jade for sale

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The real business with the gemstones in Burma started in the eighteenth century.  It seems the volume imports into China’s Yunnan province started at that time with Jadeite which is pyroxene a rock-forming inosilicate minerals which measure around 7 on Moh's scale of hardness.

The physical parameters are for sure better compared to nephrite which is commonly defined as "Chinese Jade".
The pictures as the third link show some example to identify the color and quality these stones are available as rocks pebbles and bolder try here for much more raw jade and other stones. Another beautiful raw stone is rose quartz often sold in the same shops.

Or maybe a pure white green and lavender version the nephrite version has much less vivid colors and is not as hard. The colors come from the presence of manganese iron chromite and traces of other minerals. Colors are white-grey pale green moss spinach green black brown and yellow plus combinations of these.

Raw / Rough Natural Jade for sale
Mutton fat' jade

The mutton fat version is nephrite jade measuring from 5.5 to 6.5 on Moh's scale
 of hardness for comparison a diamond has 10.

Jadeite is found in Kachin state and some places in Sagaing division of Myanmar / Burma. The material comes in all sizes up to big boulders of about 2 ton. For inquiry please use the email at the bottom of the page. This is all natural untreated jadeite fresh from the mine.
Rough jadeite jade for sale

Even the experienced eye can be fooled when evaluation the jade stone. When purchasing any higher priced piece of jewelry and other have it tested by a lab of your choice, don’t let them bring you somewhere.  It should be tested for authenticity which means is it the real stuff or another is it jade and natural and not treated such as bleached etc.

A good labor will take a tiny bit into the spectroscopic scanning and X-ray diffraction analysis. They will compare the example with the structure of 2 genuine samples. The specific gravity of the mineral can also be determined, which indicates whether the piece is genuine or not. Smaller purchases are usually tested with torchlight and lots of experience as can be seen in the picture. Of course, you cant make this analysis at the jade market so we pointed to a known specialist and some simple tools such as a UV light.

The jade stone in Chinese Yu always had a mythical often even sacred meaning and has some medical properties. To use the mineral for that purpose they ground it to get a powder-like material. Water is added into it and people say it developed a positive effect on any illness with the kidneys, it is also widely believed to increases energy and prolongs life. Superstitions are surrounding the gem and in general people think it the jade stone gives balance to physics and spiritual properties of the body.

White green and lavender Jade
White green and lavender
Raw White green and lavender Jade
White green and lavender stones

White and lavender boulder
White and lavender boulder

Since many people wearing the stone reported a certain relaxation they created special small pieces with great carvings to hold in the hand for massage, there is plenty of superstition around in particular with Chinese people.

In a Kachin State Mine
In a Kachin State Mine

Jade boulder available
Green boulders available
Rough jade is difficult to handle because you never know what's inside unless cutting the stone. Jadeite jade is a very dense mineral, only slightly less hard than diamonds and other precious stones. The ideal material for great jewelry, precious artwork and body decoration. Raw jade stones with attractive colors.

The multicolored rocks are pretty to watch here the rich spectrum is visible which has been building up when trace elements and gasses penetrated the stones under immense pressures when they were formed in the earth, see the pictures they tell more.
Pictures of raw jadeite jade
raw jadeite and nephrite jade rocks
raw natural jadeite colors in Bogyoke Market
Beside of the industrialized mining with heavy equipment, people are searching around in the
mine district at Hpakant in Myanmar's Kachin State.

Some got amazingly rich when they found the "right" piece of jade stone. But rather less in recent times since this becomes the property of local Chinese and other from across the border.

Some more jadeite pictures

It's amazing what beautiful colors stones can have they are created in the minerals when trace elements penetrate the material during the build up.

With jade, it is difficult to find bigger pieces with a homogeneous color and texture that makes them very expensive when they still are found.
All this is natural jade but not always, it needs to be vigilant. E.g. almost all bigger white objects / sculptures etc. are not white jadeite jade they are mostly made from marble. But in a tricky way so it appears very similar.
A picture from most common sold jadeite

lavender color jadeite jade rock

It needs to be careful because where a lot of money can be made the cheat is not far away in this case sometimes via bleaching the stones.

Deep black and blue raw stone

Deep black and blue raw stone at Bogyoke Aung San Market
rough light green jadeite
raw black jadeite stone

raw lavender jade rock

some genuine Zhen yu on sale

Most people don’t know that there are two versions the one is Nephrite also known as “Chinese Jade” which is actually hydrated silicate of calcium, magnesium, and iron with a hardness of 6.5 on Moh’s  scale and has fewer colors then Jadeite which is stronger, rarer and has a better texture too.

Raw cut jadeite for sale (1)
Raw cut jadeite for sale

Jade cut pictures to show the stone
Jade cut pictures to show the stone

Visiting any jade shop in Singapore or KL every clerk tells buy now prices rise dramatically buy there are still whole mountains in Hpakant in Myanmar bearing enough jadeite for the next few hundreds of years. Actually, they found more nephrite in recent years in Canada and Australia than the Chinese ever mined in the last 6000 years there is still enough buried in mother earth.

Raw green jadeite

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Raw jade jadeite selling
Jade jadeite selling

Rough jade stone at the emporium
Rough jade stone at the emporium

Rough jade for sale at the emporium
Rough jade for sale at the emporium

Burmese Jade for Sale in Yangon
Burmese jade for sale at the emporium
Burmese jade for sale at the emporium

Grade A or imperial jade boulder
Grade A or imperial jade boulde
Grade A or imperial jade boulder detail
Grade A or imperial
jade boulder detail

Jade Buddha
Jade Buddha
Rough Jade
Rough Jade

carved tea set at a Yangon shop
In a Yangon Jadeite Shop

Raw Burmese Jadeite Stones